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"Mama, why's there both a tree AND a menorah?"

How to have an interfaith life, in 42786434 easy steps

Living an Interfaith Lifestyle
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Are you a product of an interfaith relationship? Do you find yourself dating people from different religions almost exclusively? Are you married to someone of a different faith?

Welcome to interfaith_life. This community isn't for for talking about about your religion (although that's certainly okay), as much as it is for talking about how you deal with two seperate systems of belief under the same roof.

The community is monitored by azriona, who is herself a product of an interfaith marriage (mother Catholic, father Jewish), and considers herself to be Jewish. Her husband, lordofthechaos, is Catholic. Az was raised in both religions, and likes to joke that she feels more comfortable in a Catholic mass than her non-practicing husband.


More interests will be added as more people join. Let me know what you'd like to see!